The Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is growing in popularity all over the world because it is elegant, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Here are a few points to ponder on why you should consider bamboo flooring for your own home and what you should look for when installing it.

Caring for the Environment

Bamboo is a type of grass found mostly in Southeast Asia from where it is also mainly exported in order to convert it into flooring. Before it becomes flooring material, it is treated rigorously in order to get rid of the insects and bugs that may be in it but also to strengthen and make it more durable.

Bamboo grows to maturity in four to five years and also regenerates itself once it is harvested. This is unlike trees, which need many years before they can offer a substantial material to use for any purpose.


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Be in Style with Bamboo Flooring

You can find bamboo flooring in any color of choice but the most popular colors are the ones that imitate wood in order to provide the same effect of warmth and coziness. Bamboo flooring is inexpensive because it is easily available and it grows back fast therefore highly affordable by everyone. However, you should get at least a 15 to 20 years warranty on your bamboo flooring as it is very durable and easy to maintain.

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While bamboo flooring is inexpensive, there are many types and qualities available. You get what you pay for and hence don’t scrimp on your floors if you want them to last at least 20 years. Research and look around for the best prices on the highest quality of bamboo flooring available on the market.

Helpful Tips

When investing in your home especially in your floors, it is important you take all necessary measures to ensure you have the right product so you don’t have to deal with repairs and replacing of the floors that will cost you time and money. Doing a little research will take you a long way and provide you with peace of mind in the end.

The best place to start your research is online. You can start by reading about bamboo flooring pros and cons. However, if you purchase online ensure that you are don’t pay too much in shipping charges. You may also not be able to actually ‘see’ or touch the color and the quality of the bamboo until it arrives at your door. Bamboo flooring is the future in looks, budget and most importantly ensuring we have a clean and safe environment for generations to come.

The Pattern of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is made up of small blocks of hardwood, which are glued together to form patterns. These blocks can also be glued to softwood backing to create a more uniform pattern. The end result of this process creates a unique look from other wood designed floors.

How Parquet Flooring Works

The idea behind parquet flooring is to create geometric shapes that will create a more uniform design than other wood floors. Whether the process is done by hand or by machine, small pieces of hardwood are all cut to the same size and then glued down to a softwood surface to create blocks of patterns. The idea is very similar to what you would create if you were working with tiles.

Installation of Parquet Flooring

When installing your parquet flooring, you should not risk using inferior quality or services. As with any wood surface, much care is needed during installation, and you will need to take several factors into consideration. Be aware that any moisture can damage your parquet flooring, so suitable surfaces are required on which to lay your floor.

Designs in Parquet Flooring

Since parquet flooring is made up of smaller blocks of wood, it is easy to create whatever design you wish. Because of the variety of styles, patterns and shades of wood, your options for the type of flooring that you can choose from are nearly endless. Unlike other wood floors, you do not have to be “stuck” with the pattern that is already on the wood, you can arrange your blocks as you see fit.

Sealing is of the Utmost Importance

One word of caution in creating the design of your parquet flooring: since you are using many small blocks to create your surface, if they are not sealed properly problems can arise. It is vitally important that you make sure that the small grooves between each block are fitted as tightly as possible and sealed very carefully, so that moisture cannot seep into your floor and destroy the wood.

Care and Maintenance of Your Parquet Flooring

As with any wood or tile surface, parquet flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Simply sweep away any messes and mop up any spills that are common around the house. When vacuuming, use care so that you do not scratch the surface of your floor with your machine. Always use quality cleaning products to ensure that your flooring does not stain or incur damage due to inferior chemicals found in cheaper cleaning agents.hardwood-floor-finishes-penetrating-oil

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The Guide on Sanding and Refinishing Parquet Floors:

The Warmth and Elegance of Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has always been considered the most elegant, warm and classic type of floor which complements any décor and is thus the most desired type of flooring around the world. However, you need to be careful when shopping for, installing, maintaining, and repairing wood floors in order to get the most from your money and time.

The Advantages of Wood Flooring

One of the biggest advantages of installing wood flooring is that your property’s value will increase considerably depending on the type of wood you choose. There are of course many types of wood available and many shades to suit your personality and décor.

Wooden floors complement modern and traditional décor alike. You can have a fur accent rug on the floor or you can have a Persian carpet, they both will match and blend with almost all types of wood available. Besides providing elegance and sophistication, wood flooring will also bring with it a cozy and warm feeling to any space, which is more than welcome on a cold winter day.

Shopping for Wood Flooring

When you are looking for wood flooring, you may want to take in consideration the following points. The type of wood will be directly proportional to the budget you allotted for this project and while you will want to get a bargain, trying to save too much may end up getting you poor quality wood that will require high maintenance, repairs and even replacements with time.
Research and shop around both locally and online in order to find the best source for purchasing your wood flooring. There is a large variety available and prices to match all budgets.

Helpful Tips

Once you have installed wooden floors you need to educate yourself on how to take care of it so it lasts you as long as possible; usually wood flooring should last anywhere from 15 to 20 years or more. Special conditioning solutions are available to use when cleaning the floors also don’t get the floors wet and if liquids are spilled dry it out as soon as possible to minimize damage.

Don’t drag furniture on wood floors, use padded protection when you are placing furniture that you know it will be too heavy for it and may create a dent or scratch, such as a bed or an armoire. Wooden floors will last you a lifetime and look like new if you take care and maintain it as required.

Take Care of Your Vinyl Flooring

Nearly every home has vinyl flooring, also known as linoleum flooring, since it’s a useful material that can be installed using tiles or rolls of the product. You’ll find this material most often in your kitchen or bathroom, where it helps to have an easy to clean, inexpensive flooring material and where traditional wood floors are most prone to staining or damage.


Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of patterns, from floral pictures to faux wood and stone patterns, so you’ll be able to find a look that suits your home. Keep in mind that even material that is easy to care for needs some TLC to look its best, and a little care will keep your vinyl flooring beautiful for a long time.


Cleaning vinyl floor (more here)should be a snap, as long as you keep up with a regular cleaning schedule. A simple vacuuming will keep the floor free of dirt and grit, and an occasional washing with floor cleaner will ensure that it stays clean. Of course, spills should be wiped up from your vinyl flooring immediately to prevent any sort of staining. If your vinyl flooring looses its shine, don’t worry, as this is normal and easily restored with a floor polish made specifically for vinyl flooring. However, be careful to avoid any sort of abrasive material, as this will scratch and damage the vinyl flooring, making it easier for dirt to stay in the floor.

Preventing Damage

If you’ve ever seen vinyl flooring with a scratch or tear in it, you know that it’s an ugly sight, and something to avoid. When you move any objects across it, covering the floor with plywood slabs first will prevent scratching and keep your floor looking beautiful. If you do get a scratch in your floor, immediately cover the area to prevent further damage, and then contact a professional floor installer. If you have a seams in your floor that begin to pull up, treat it like a cut in the vinyl and cover it immediately while calling the floor installer.

A damaged floor is repairable, but any dirt that gets into the scratch can result in making the repair process more difficult. Moisture under the vinyl flooring will also make repairs more difficult, so wait to wash your floor until it is repaired as well. If you follow these simple rules for caring for your vinyl flooring, you’ll have a floor that keeps a great shine for years to come.

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